Orient Universal Exhibition Group is fully prepared for the business fair!

   The 2019 South Asia and Southeast Asian Countries Commodity Exhibition and Investment and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Business Fair") will be held from June 12 to 18, 2019 at the Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center under Orient Global.


   The business fair is a major event in the social and political life of Yunnan. The successful holding of the business fair is conducive to promoting the social and economic development of Yunnan Province, enhancing the overall image of the Chengtou Group, and helping to shape the professional exhibition brand of Orient Global. To this end, the leadership of Orient Global attaches great importance to it, and organized a mobilization meeting for the 2019 Business Fair in early May, requiring all the company to improve their political position, unify their thinking, and raise awareness. In accordance with the "one-stop" service process and ISO9000 quality standard system, strengthen management and improve service quality. In addition, it is necessary to fully predict emergencies in the service link, improve emergency plans, and ensure that service and security are "two promotions" and "two correct".






   In order to further ensure the safety and stability of various work during the business fair, Orient Global actively responded to the city investment group company's safety work inspection in the first half of the year and the relevant work arrangements for the business fair safety inspection, and quickly organized all units to carry out self-inspection and self-inspection. The inspection team conducted special random inspections and identified 16 safety risks, including fire protection, safety of exhibition-intensive personnel, food safety, water and electricity safety, and storage safety, and required rectification to be completed within the specified time to ensure the safe and smooth holding of the business fair.






   According to the work arrangement of the mobilization meeting of the business and trade fair, on May 27, the catering company of Orient Universal Kunming Company conducted fire fighting and emergency evacuation drills. Standardized fire-fighting operation, oil pan fire-fighting operation, and assembly practice drill for correctly opening fire hydrants and fire hoses.

   On May 30th, Orient Universal Kunming Exhibition Hall Operating Company held an equipment emergency drill. The drill set up emergency response to power failure of the booth, network system failure of the exhibition, emergency response to escalator failure, burst of water supply pipes in toilets, and water shortage in the pool in the middle water pump room. and other common facilities and equipment failures in the exhibition hall, and deal with them in a timely manner according to the "Emergency Plan" formulated to eliminate the failures and ensure the normal operation of the facilities and equipment. The next day, a fire-fighting and emergency evacuation drill was held to simulate a sudden fire during the exhibition. Each post started the fire-fighting and emergency evacuation drill according to the pre-established "Fire-fighting Emergency Evacuation Plan" procedure, and employees of various departments carried out fire-fighting equipment outdoors. The actual operation, part-time firefighters give individual guidance on the actual operation.

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